the Zealous

15 Oct 22

In binding arbitration clauses, exceptions to the duty to arbitrate for injunctive relief claims are common, especially in confidentiality and technology license agreements. The intention is to ensure that the parties are free to pursue claims for emergency relief in court, notwithstanding that all other claims must be resolved via arbitration.

All too many arbitration clauses, however, fail to articulate the injunctive relief bypass in a way that would allow the parties to actually bypass arbitration and proceed directly to court, given that rules of arbitration universally vest the arbitrator with the power to determine the scope of arbitrability as a threshold matter.

12 Oct 22

It's good to be reminded of how fortunate we are to be practicing law in a society that upholds the rule of law.

On 29 January 2017, U Ko Ni was shot dead as he waited for a taxi outside Yangon International Airport in Myanmar. A prominent constitutional lawyer, acclaimed reformer and senior legal adviser to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (‘NLD’), he was working on creative legal strategies to circumvent the constitutionally-enshrined political power still held by the Myanmar military. The murder of such a skilled legal activist who was deeply immersed in using legal strategies to embed the rule of law speaks directly to the dangers of lawyering in ‘hybrid’ regimes, those countries in which elements of authoritarianism and democracy commingle.

04 Oct 22

As deal lawyers, it’s our job to anticipate disputes. If a dispute does arise, the competence of both sides’ lawyers is immediately put to the test, in the form of a glaring spotlight on the choice of law and forum clause. Is the dispute captured cleanly, or ambiguously? Being forced to spend legal fees on the peripheral question of applicable law and forum is a recipe for massive client frustration.