April 2015

26 Apr 15
From the film Lincoln Lawyer (2011) --

LA Detective Kurlen (played by Michael Pare):
How does someone like you sleep at night with all the scum you represent?
Defense lawyer Mick Haller (played by Matthew McConaughey):
I had a client once. He decapitated his ex-wife. Kept her head in the refrigerator.
Detective (sarcastic, hostile):
Nice, sweet.
The DA got greedy. Tried to pile on two unsolved murders. Tricked up the evidence to make it look like my guy did it.
But you got your boy off. And he's out walking around now right? Well f*ck you Haller.
No f*ck the DA. And the cops who helped him. It's called the justice system Kurlen. It's not the way it's supposed to work.

02 Apr 15
Born in 1860 in Xiangshan, Guandgong Province, China, Hong Yen Chang eventually made his way to America to study as part of the national China Educational Mission. He was 13 years old. His father died three years earlier.
For the next nine years, he lived and studied in the US, residing with different families in various states. While at Yale College, the Chinese government abruptly terminated Hong Yen Chang's educational mission, and he was recalled back to China.
This was a temporary setback for Hong Yen Chang. A mere two years later, he found his way back to America. He later graduated with honors from Columbia Law School. In 1888, Hong Yen Chang was admitted to the bar of New York. He became the first Chinese immigrant licensed to practice law in the US.