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Roger Royse
The Star-Lord of Startups
Roger's practice of law

Master strategist, keen problem-solver, and business lawyer par excellence, Roger Royse is the Star-Lord of Startups. If a mad scientist AI sought to create the best startup lawyer in the world, Roger is what would emerge from the LLM lab. Not just a lawyer, but a CPA, with an NYU LLM in Tax, to boot, Roger specializes in the law of corporations and securities, inbound venture capital, domestic and international tax, fund formation, and M&A. He's the author of two hugely influential books on the subject of startups, providing expert guidance for the lawyer and (non-lawyer) founder alike on critical topics like entity formation, shareholder relationships, dispute and crisis management, intellectual property, tax implications, and other startup legal imperatives.

Click on the “show more” link to learn how Roger, Redline member since 2014, helped his clients achieve the American Dream, and, from modest roots in North Dakota, became the Silicon Valley startup lawyer legend he is today.

Kyle-Beth Hilfer
solo extraordinaire
Kyle-Beth's practice of law

By any measure, Kyle-Beth Hilfer has undertaken a remarkable professional journey. After graduating from Harvard Law School, and conquering the big NYC firm associate crucible, Kyle-Beth decided that she wanted to control her own destiny. Over a span of nearly thirty years, Kyle-Beth has built a thriving nationwide advertising and arbitration/mediation solo practice--a multidisciplinary endeavor requiring a sophisticated understanding of intellectual property, technology, law and culture. Her clients seek her counsel and stewardship on a regular basis in the most demanding of contexts: counseling on nationwide product launches and advertising and marketing campaigns, and providing alternate means of dispute resolution in lieu of litigation for high stakes commercial disputes.

And, while building this formidable practice, she has unlocked the advantages that collaboration with fellow travelers engenders. Perhaps more than most, Kyle-Beth understands the value, joy and inspiration that comes with cultivating durable and trusting relationships--not just with clients, but with fellow attorneys as well.

Hit the "show more" link to find out how Kyle-Beth manages the demands of being a high-powered practitioner, entrepreneur (having just been named 2021 Women Legal Entrepreneur of the Year by Women Owned Law), arbitrator, mediator, and community leader--in short, a solo extraordinaire.

Mark Lemley
Mark's practice of law
One is hard-pressed to find someone who has benefitted, in the broadest sense of the word, from the law, and benefitted the law more, than Mark A. Lemley. Graduated number one at Berkeley Law. Clerked at the Ninth Circuit. Litigator, counselor, mediator and expert at powerhouse firms at the leading edge of law and technology, one of which he co-founded (Durie Tangri). Clients like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Intel and Netflix. A massive wall of scholarship, with seven books and over 167 articles to his name, including the hugely influential two-volume IP and Antitrust treatise. Named the “most relevant professor of law” in a 2012 empirical study. Co-founder of Lex Machina (latin for “Law Machine”), a VC-backed legal data analytics startup, sold to Lexis in December 2015.

As the William H. Neukom Professor of Law at Stanford, Mark teaches intellectual property, computer and internet law, antitrust, and remedies.

And he is, quite simply, one of the best lawyers on the planet.

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Heather Meeker
tech law titan
Heather's practice of law
Heather Meeker is a partner with O'Melveny & Myers in San Francisco, specializing in technology, commercial and corporate transactions, litigation, and intellectual property. She's an open source virtuoso, having written numerous articles and books on the subject, including Open Source for Business (2017). A trusted technology law adviser to companies like Google and Mozilla, Heather is without a doubt one of the best in the business.

Heather is also a Redline Advisory Board member ab initio and, according to the "Whatever! I do what I want!" section of her awesome blog, Copyleft Currents, channels Izumi and Bowser. I daresay, shes does so with aplomb.

Click the show more words below to find out why Heather finds open source so intriguing, how soon we will all be replaced by AI, and Heather's most glorious professional moment.