Ken Adams is willing to sell his NDA template to you for $1500

22 Feb 17

Contract drafting guru Ken Adams has a non-disclosure agreement template that is (in Ken's words) "way better than anything else out there. And I wager it’s way better than anything a company could create on their own or have a law firm create."
Ken explains the steps needed to purchase this – a process Ken describes as "custom-commodity drafting":

Here’s how it’s going to work, at least initially: You would contact me to schedule a screen-sharing session. You would spend half an hour going through the questionnaire with me or one of my helpers, after which we’d send you the output document.
I’d charge you $1,500 for this service. I’m not interested in selling to those looking for an NDA for next to nothing or, even better, nothing. Instead, this service is for organizations that want a top-quality customized template at a bargain price.

Updates to this NDA (if any) are available for $500 a year.

Here at Redline, we have our own NDA template (see Redline query The perfect non-disclosure agreement), which cost $0, including updates (if you're a member), and has the additional virtue of being the cumulative work product of many talented and experienced lawyers from around the world. Since I don't have $1500 to spend on a NDA, however, I can't verify the claim that Ken's is way better.