Justice in the Dark Web

30 Jul 22

Justice in the dark web is explained in this piece from Analyst1, Dark Web - Justice League (2021):

When it comes to the rule of law, access to justice for all and a fair trial are both fundamental in any democratic society. But what if the Dark Web community has its own justice system that believes in the same values?

Every day there are dozens of cases all over the Dark Web that escalate to this underground justice system and patiently wait for the high-ranking authorized cybercriminals (usually members of a forum administration) to solve the dispute and assign a winner and loser.

Much like the United States judicial system, this whole process begins with a dispute between two opposing sides. For example, the threat actor purchased compromised network access but then discovered that the same access was previously sold to another entity. Now the threat actor demands recourse in the form of a refund, but the seller is not willing to comply with this request. And thus, the higher dark web virtual court is brought into the picture.

These courts are not just for Russian threat actors, but each ecosystem in terms of language and culture may have its own version of “Court” or “Arbitrage” forums. …

The cybercrime community treats every case equally without prioritizing more complex cases with higher compensation demand. The median case is considered between a few hundred and up to a few thousand USD as a request for compensation.

For the transparency of the process, every forum member has a right to comment and participate in the virtual hearing process. While they have the right to participate, these regular forum members do not act as grand jury and have no influence on the process.

Justice is for all when it comes to the Dark Web Court, without any language or cultural separations or barriers.