I weep for our profession

22 Aug 17

This is from an actual present-day huge-firm client engagement letter, of 2017 vintage (emphasis added):

The Firm and its affiliated entities represent clients in a broad range of industries and in a wide variety of legal matters. Absent an effective conflict of interest waiver, conflicts of interest could arise that could deprive you or other clients of the right to select the Firm as their counsel, and preclude us from representing you or other clients in ongoing or future matters. In undertaking the Engagement, the Firm wants to be fair to you and to our other clients.  Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that the Firm may, now or in the future, represent other persons on matters adverse to you or any of your current or future affiliates, including, without limitation, in commercial transactions, auctions, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property matters, restructuring or bankruptcy matters, litigation, arbitration or other dispute resolution procedure, other than those for which the Firm had been or is then engaged by you. Such matters shall be referred to as “Allowed Adverse Representation.” You understand that the foregoing examples are illustrative, not exhaustive.

I love that last bit. The ways in which the firm can "be fair" to you, by being adverse to you, is not exclusively set out above. Nice.