Does anyone regret going to law school?

30 Jun 22

r/lawyertalk post 29.06.22 by reddituser atyl1144:

Does anyone regret going to law school?

I think I made a bad choice. I was one of those "I didn't become a doctor like my mom wanted so I guess I'll go to law school" types. Young and naive and too status conscious. I made it into a top law school, took the CA bar once, failed and never tried again cuz I wasn't inspired. I'm sooo not a good fit for law. I like careers with flexibility, movement, team work, creativity, playfulness. I was playful and goofy in law school and people thought I was a weirdo. I have a really hard time sitting for hours reading and writing. I fit in better with actors, but of course I can't make a decent living in acting (I've done student films and community theater). So I'm poor with a law degree now.

comment 29.06.22 by codker92:

Being a lawyer is badass.

comment 30.06.22 by bidextralhammer:

I absolutely loved law school. Then, I got one of the fabled Big Law jobs, worked 7 am until 10 pm, missed my 20's, quit, and became a teacher. So, I don't regret law school, but I do regret the majority of the time working as a lawyer.

comment 30.06.22 by ontether:

I’m super weird and a lawyer. I think maybe you’d enjoy working with an indigent population if making a ton of money isn’t a concern. These folks are down to earth and cool and do not put on airs.

comment 30.06.22 by KFelts910:

I’ve found that there are many ways to practice law. The traditional model is not the only way. I too didn’t enjoy traditional private practice, hourly billing, being chained to a desk, afraid to take time off. I rejected it. Then started my own practice that reflects my own values. I bill by flat fee or project based. I’m very tech-reliant and that’s given me a whole new way to be creative. I really design workflows around collaboration and team work. I also am very laid back so I don’t care what anyone is wearing as long as they look decent if they meet with a client over video. Most days, I spend working in yoga pants, a t-shirt, sans bra. Because fuck bras, I’m the boss.