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Redline is an international law association open only to lawyers who satisfy membership eligibility criteria or who are invited to join by existing members.

If you are in the United States, you must be an attorney licensed, and a bar association member in good standing, in at least one of the fifty states or Washington, D.C. If you reside outside the United States, you must be a lawyer or equivalent legal professional (such as a counselor, barrister, advocate or solicitor) duly educated, licensed or accredited, and authorized in good standing.

In addition, you must satisfy Redline eligibility criteria: only lawyers deemed likely to contribute quality discussions and content will be extended an invitation to join. We consider years, breadth and depth of experience, and a demonstrated record of accomplishment or publication. As a general rule, lawyers with at least 3-5 years of actual legal experience are more likely to be admitted.

Complete the below to request an invitation. Please allow at least 3-5 business days to process your invitation request.

The information you provide here will be used solely to evaluate eligibility for membership, and will not be used for any marketing, promotional, or other purposes.
Format: mm/dd/yyyy (eg 12/22/1993).
To help us verify your eligibility, you may wish to provide your bar association or registration number if applicable. (US lawyers: insert the bar number applicable to the first state you've listed above.)
To help us verify your eligibility, you may wish to submit a website address such as your bio page, blog, or LinkedIn profile.
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On this page you can:
  • subscribe to this query
    By subscribing, you will receive email (as frequently as you specify) of new activity in this query.
  • vote up or vote down queries and replies
    Voting is a generalized proxy for your assessment of the worth, quality, articulation, etc of a query or reply. Voting up a reply or query increases the reply/query author's mojo by one. After you vote, you have five minutes to undo it.
  • reply to the query or add a comment to the query or any reply
    A reply is a serious substantive response, worthy of addition to the knowledge being recorded for all of us here. Comments, simply, are for responses that are not replies (questions, clarifications, caveats, etc). You must scroll all the way down to add a reply; might as well read all of the replies on the way down. If you would like to include with your reply new legal text for others to edit, feel free to add a clause. Adding a reply gives you one mojo.
  • edit a clause (quick-reply)
    If you want to quickly add a reply that is an edit of another member's legal text, click the edit clause link on the clause you wish to edit, and you will be taken to the bottom of the page, with the text of the clause ready for your edits.
  • select best reply (if you are the author of the query)
    If you authored this query, be sure to select the reply that you believe is the best (and consider explaining why you selected this reply as best in a comment to that reply). You receive one mojo for doing so. The author of the reply you select as best will receive four mojo or the bounty award you posted for this query. You can change your mind as many times as you want. If you de-select a best reply, the reply author loses two mojo or the bounty mojo awarded, and you lose one mojo.
  • edit/update or delete query (if you are the query author)
    If you authored this query, you may edit it at any time, and delete it before a reply has been posted to it. Clauses may be edited only if no other member has redlined that clause. You may also add a bounty award or increase already-posted bounty, at any time (even after a reply has been posted).
  • flag (ie complain about) a query, reply or comment
    Use as sparingly as appropriate given the circumstances.
  • quiver and favorite
    You may add/remove this query to/from your favorites, and add/remove clauses in this query to/from your quiver. If you are a guild moderator, you can similarly add/remove this query to/from guild favorites, and add/remove clauses here to/from your guild quiver.

A friendly reminder: be excellent to each other and remember the human.

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What are subscriptions?
Redline allows you to subscribe to queries (so that you can be alerted to new replies and comments that are posted to those queries), members (so that you can know of new queries posted by that member) and guilds (so that you can track new queries posted with tags of guilds you follow). With subscriptions, you are notified via email, and on the Home (Your Notifications) page, of new activity corresponding to your subscriptions. Via the Settings/Subscriptions page, you can manage your subscriptions, including altering the timing of notification emails.